Loaiza Elevated to Fellow

Loaiza has over 22 years of experience in water and wastewater utility program management and engineering design. His background includes directing capital improvement projects, overseeing the development of engineering master plans, engineering design and operations of water and wastewater treatment facilities, land development design, and project management. He is well versed in treatment plant design and operation, water distribution, sewer collection, drainage, grading, paving, signage and marking, plan/profile, and master lift station design, project manual/ project specification production, probable cost estimates, and conceptual reports.

Other of his strengths are robust and engaging management, writing, presentation and verbal communication, and the ability to analyze raw data in relation to engineering. He has extensive knowledge of long-range planning, budgeting, and development of capital plans; regulatory compliance; intergovernmental relations; emergency response; hurricane preparedness; and customer service.

Loaiza has been the engineer-of-record for many engineering design projects throughout Florida, but he considers his most significant achievement to have been in the advancement of the profession through personal relationships. He has had excellent mentors in his professional life and has himself mentored many young men and women within the profession. Communicating the importance of engineering and the need to study STEM is one if his priorities as he speaks in schools and in the workplace.

From his international travels, he also obtains feedback on how the world esteems engineers, and it is akin, in his observation, to how medical doctors are viewed.


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