It’s Never Too Early to Boost Your Career

Students and young civil engineers are faced with many challenges, and they are constantly learning new things, meeting new people, and making decisions. It’s a bit like drinking from a firehose.

ASCE understands, which is why we’ve rolled out new member benefits developed by those who’ve been there. These early career resources will help ease the transition during an exciting yet intimidating time in your career.  

Career by Design

Career by Design, which launched this week, is a portal filled with need-to-know career resources conveniently at your fingertips. The content and tools featured on the page were carefully curated with your needs in mind. From navigating office culture for the first time to negotiating your salary, this go-to site for students and younger members will help propel your career forward.

Mentor Match

Another new benefit, just in time for mentoring month, is ASCE Mentor Match, powered by ASCE Collaborate. This brand-new member benefit program brings civil engineers together for professional growth. You can get involved either as a mentor willing to share your expertise or as a mentee seeking help with navigating your career path. If you need advice on pursuing licensure or how to manage projects, Mentor Match pairs you with an expert who can guide you in the right direction.

Coming soon: Leadership Series

To give your career that extra boost it needs, ASCE will offer a leadership series that is led by experts. Sessions will focus on specific leadership topics or power skills. The free program will be given nine times a year around the country. And, we are expanding the popular Younger Member Leadership Symposium from one to three times a year. Organized by younger members and for younger members, this three-day workshop brings together up-and-coming civil engineers from around the country who wish to further hone their leadership skills.

I urge young civil engineers to take advantage of these tools and resources. Get involved, keep learning, stay current, and get ahead.

In case you missed them, here are some other ways we are working for you:

ASCE Plot Points podcast – shining the spotlight on members

Plot Points, recently launched, introduces you to dynamic, brilliant, often hilarious civil engineers who are creating the look and shape of the world. Hear the trailer … then try the first few episodes. If you subscribe via your favorite podcast platform, you can be sure to get each new episode weekly.

See what ASCE achieved in 2018

It was an exciting time for us. From the year’s first Multi-Region Leadership Conference in Las Vegas to the ASCE 2018 Convention in Denver, Society members bonded and worked together to help lead the civil engineering industry forward. Look at what ASCE was up to in 2018.

Create “new-yearly” career momentum 

Ah, January – when we step back so we can move ahead. When we reassess how we’re evolving professionally. Easier said …? In four easy steps, career adviser Anthony Fasano helps you evaluate and set new goals. Check out Ask Anthony and begin 2019 on a positive career note.

Life insurance through ASCE protects your family at affordable rates

Think you’ve got your bases covered with savings and retirement accounts? You wouldn’t want to lose out by not including a life insurance policy. ASCE Group Term Life Insurance Plans add an extra layer of protection to help cover final expenses, continue to meet monthly bills, and maintain a standard of living without tapping into your nest egg. Learn more now.

What’s your clever engineering idea? Pitch it to the ASCE Innovation Contest

This contest can be the springboard that propels your forward-looking infrastructure concept to market. Now in its fourth year, the ASCE Innovation Contest reaches a worldwide audience, delivering value to participants and attracting industry attention. Why not learn more about the contest and get your submittal ready?

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