Founder of Brazil’s First Engineering Consulting Firm Dies at 93

Word has reached ASCE of the passing of Fellow and Life Member Sigmundo Golombek, founder of Brazil’s first and most prominent engineering consulting firm Consultrix, who has died at 93.

In 1953, Golombek started Consultrix, which has produced approximately 11,000 projects in Brazil, including office buildings, bridges, shopping malls, hospitals, and industrial complexes.

In addition to his ASCE membership, Golombek belonged to Ibracon, the Engineering Institute of São Paulo, the Engineering Club of Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian Association of Engineering Geology, and was a former national president of the Brazilian Association of Soil Mechanics. He was an instructor at Mackenzie University for 19 years, and as an author and lecturer participated in numerous International and Pan-American Brazilian Conferences,. He received the 2007 Professional Recognition Award by Editora PINI.

His son, Milton Golombek, is currently director of Consultrix and vice president of the Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Projetos e Consultoria em Engenharia Geotécnica. Last month, the Sigmundo Golombek Prize was established, to be awarded every two years to the best foundation project.


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