Concrete Canoe: By the Numbers

The 2017 ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition celebrates its 30th year when teams convene on the Colorado School of Mines this weekend in Golden, CO.
Take a look back on three decades of history, fierce competition, and mind-boggling records.

Most All-Time Wins:
• UC Berkeley (5)
• University of Wisconsin–Madison (5)
• University of Alabama in Huntsville (5)

Number of Teams to Win National Championship: 11

Number of Official Competitions: 30

Total Number of Schools to Participate in National Concrete Canoe Competition: 119

Most National Qualifications: Clemson (21)

Longest Qualification Streak:
• Clemson 14 times in a row (1993-2006)
• Wisconsin 14 times in a row (1994-2007)

Lightest Canoe: 49-lb “Rapid Fire,” University of Alabama in Huntsville (1998)

Heaviest Canoe: 780-lb “Ecrevisse,” McNeese State (2016)

Highest Point Total: University of Alabama in Huntsville’s “Rock It” scored 138.3/150 (1996)

Lowest Point Total (for winner): Ecole de Technologie Superieure’s “Savannah” scored 64.0/100 (2013) (sprint races canceled due to inclement weather)

Highest Average Placement: University of Nevada, Reno – average placement of 3.45 (two-time national champion)

Closest Point-Total Finish: Clemson University’s winner “The Sequel” scored 121.0/150 and 2nd-place University of Alabama in Huntsville’s “CANEW” scored 119.5/150 (1999)

Only 2nd-Place Qualifier to Win National Competition: Florida Institute of Technology’s “Chip Off the Old Block” (1997)

Duplicate Canoe Names: In 2009, two separate pairs of teams had duplicate names –
• “Vintage” was the name for both the Ecole de Technologie Superieure and California Polytechnic State University canoes
• “Fusion” was the name for both the University of Nevada, Reno and Polytechnic Institute of New York canoes

First Team to Win National Championship on Home Turf: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (2010)

Sponsorship Money Awarded: As of 2016, the sponsors have awarded $261,000 in prize money. Twenty-two schools have received scholarship awards.


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  1. Hello, I attended Montana State University from 1980-1985. I was involved with the ASCE Concrete Ski competition. I think it was one of the first concrete ski competitions and was hosted by MSU at Big Sky Ski resort in Big Sky, MT MSU won the event. Do you folks have any record of that. I think it was 1983 or 84 or thereabouts. Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to get a copy of the school paper, but without the date it is fruitless. Thank you for your help. Frank Luke, 601 21st Street, Black Eagle, MT 59414.

  2. Hi Frank, the concrete ski competition was held at Big Sky on April, 21, 1984. I was one who initiated the event since we were concerned that the the lake might still be frozen over for a canoe competition in Bozeman. I was given one of the downhill concrete skies after the competition for my assistance in the program. I still have it today. One of my sons was interested in attending MSU and I took him to tour MSU in 2015. I saw the other concrete ski that we put up on the wall in the Civil Engineering area. If you are near MSU stop in to take a look at it.
    Here’s a clip from the MSU Exponent


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