CE Roundtable: 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

The ASCE News Civil Engineering Roundtable showcases insights from a cross section of ASCE members on a variety of industry topics.

New Year’s Day might be the best of all holidays.

Optimism abounds as everyone resets their hopes and dreams with the calendar.

And at ASCE News, we strive to showcase that positivity with the annual collection of civil engineering New Year’s resolutions.

This year is even more special than most, as we look forward to the dawning of a new decade – 2020!

Or is it the start of the last year of the decade? There was no year zero, right? Does anyone really know?

But never mind that. No need to get bogged down with minutiae.

On to the ambition! Here is the 2020 batch of civil engineering New Year’s resolutions:

headshot of Uwantege

Lydie E. Uwantege

Aff.M.ASCE, civil engineer, Kigali, Rwanda

“For the year 2020, I intend to start an ASCE chapter in Rwanda, creating a platform for discussions, interactions, knowledge transfer, possibly innovative solutions and continuing to advance the profession.

“Having benefited greatly from my current mentor, I resolve to take on mentees to pass on what I have learned through professional experience and gained skills.

“Overall, I intend to keep on growing as an engineer by engaging with my peers, working with different organizations, education and research publications, so as to be equipped to benefit my community and my country.”

headshot of Smith

Collin Smith

EIT, CFM, A.M.ASCE, ecological engineer, Applied Ecological Services, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“My 2020 resolution is to continue working with communities across the Midwest and beyond in increasing their resiliency and adaptability to the impacts of water quality and quantity, as well as working to improve access to quality green space for future generations.

“As both a mentor and a mentee, I strive to continue work with ASCE nationally, across Wisconsin and in the greater Milwaukee area as we assist aspiring engineers and other brilliant young minds in achieving their utmost potential.”

headshot of Duran

Alex Duran

S.M.ASCE, civil engineering major, Trine University, class of 2020

“As I approach graduation, my civil engineering resolution is to take on new, unique challenges to expand my skills.

“I also hope to instill my passion for civil engineering upon other students, engineers and the public by advocating for ASCE. I am excited to continue being actively involved in our dynamic field through ASCE as I begin my civil engineering career!”

headshot of Wang

James Wang

M.ASCE, senior cost consultant, property sector, Turner and Townsend, Shenzhen, China

“My New Year’s resolution in project management is to gain international experience by working on a potential project in Moscow.

“In the meantime, I resolve to engage extensively in professional activities and sessions of ASCE. My intention also includes giving back to the community and serving disadvantaged people.”

headshot of Lipomanis

Sophie Lipomanis

S.M.ASCE, civil engineering major, University of Louisville, class of 2020

“My resolution for the new year has two parts. Firstly, I would like to continue to grow my professional network by attending events such as the ASCE Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders and the Construction Institute Summit.

“Secondly, I would like to pursue a research project with the J.B. Speed School of Engineering on piezoelectric ceramics.”

headshot of Kumar

Vikram Kumar

A.M.ASCE, civil engineer, Coal India Limited, India

“Society has placed an obligation on civil engineering-related professionals to tread the path of development without compromising the common resources of air, water and soil.

“I aim to augment the understanding of my colleagues, friends and family members with respect to sustainable construction practices in civil engineering-related activities.”

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