ASCE Plot Points Season 1 Episode 2: Recovery, Rebuild, Resilience

It’s been 15 months since Hurricane Harvey pelted Southeastern Texas with historic levels of rain.

The resilience efforts continue, led by civil engineers like Carol Haddock.

Haddock, the director of public works in Houston, gives us an update on the progress made in her hometown since Harvey [skipto time=”1:28″].

In this week’s Changing the World segment, University of Central Florida student Zachary Loeb talks about how his love for fishing led him to create a potentially game-changing tidal generator [skipto time=”13:30″].

And in Member Memos, Ashlyn Alexander, Elyssa Dixon, and Kate Osborn break down what they see as the most important aspects of a resilient city [skipto time=”16:30″].

Listen to the episode below, and subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts.

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