ASCE Plot Points Season 1 Episode 10: The Big Picture

Even if your job or role at work isn’t explicitly to consider big-picture planning, it’s still probably a good idea to stay aware of a larger context beyond just your desk. We’re here to help you improve your big-picture thinking skills by asking civil engineering leaders how they manage the big picture in their work. Today, we talk with Roger Millar, the secretary of transportation for the state of Washington, who discusses the way he approaches the unique challenges in his state (2:27). Then, Rossana D’Antonio, deputy director for the Los Angeles Department of Public Works, talks about her team’s forward-looking embrace of sustainability concepts (10:23). And in Member Memos, April Lander, Sharon Stecker, and Chloe Gharios share leadership lessons (14:43). Listen to the episode below, and subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts.
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