ASCE Honors Lorne G. Everett as Distinguished Member

Lorne G. Everett, Ph.D., DSc., Hon.D.WRE, F.ASCE, CEO and chief scientist of L. Everett & Associates LLC and one of only a few true experts in groundwater monitoring, characterization and remediation technologies, has been honored by ASCE with inclusion in its 2020 class of Distinguished Members for his major contributions to the field of contamination remediation.

Everett served as Chancellor Emeritus (2000-2009) at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Everett’s development of several patented characterization and remediation technologies for soil, soil gas and groundwater has enhanced the understanding of hydrogeology. He specializes in vadose (unsaturated) zone monitoring, characterization and remediation; soil gas sampling, vapor intrusion and remediation; soil moisture migration, LNAPL and DNAPL characterization; environmental regulations, training, expert witness testimony and environmental justice.

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For more than 15 years, he has been the charter chairman of ASTM International’s committee, dealing with vadose/soil zone monitoring. He developed over 12 national ASTM Vadose Zone Monitoring standards and authored or edited over 12 books on the subject, along with some 150 technical papers.

Since 1983, Everett has served as an expert witness in the areas of contaminant hydrology and hydrogeology. He has built an established track record in more than 100 court cases with awards in excess of $2 billion. He has testified before Congress on different occasions and was an invited member on 16 “Blue Ribbon” Department of Energy peer-review panels.

For over 32 years he has worked on Planetary Emergencies in Italy, where he is the chairman of the Panel on Pollution for the World Federation of Scientists. He has been chief scientist and senior vice president for such prestigious organizations as ARCADIS, Metcalf & Eddy, Stone & Webster and the Shaw Group. For the University of California Santa Barbara, he was a professor and laboratory director Level VII (reserved for scholars of great distinction).

Everett’s books number about 15 as of today, and among them is the classic, “Groundwater Monitoring,” recognized by the EPA as “establishing the state of the art used by industry today.” The book is recommended by the World Health Organization for all developing countries.

His eminence awards include the Kapitsa Gold Medal, the Russian Academy’s highest honor for original contributions to science; the gold medal from the Governers General of Canada, the Medal of Excellence from the U.S. Navy; and the Award of Merit, the foremost honor presented by ASTM. In 2016, the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers presented him its highest honor,  Honorary Diplomat, and in 2018 the eminence committee of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists certified his capabilities. He was honored with the C. V, Theis Award by the American Institute of Hydrology.

Currently, Everett continues to focus on the technical excellence of his firm and provides consulting and expert witness services on major litigation cases. He is an ASCE Fellow and Life Member, having joined ASCE in 1974.

Read an ASCE journal article by Everett.


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