ASCE Announces the 2020 New Faces of Civil Engineering – Professionals

The annual ASCE New Faces of Civil Engineering provide reassurance to anyone concerned that the profession’s future will remain in good hands.

These 10 young professionals have each accomplished more in the first decade of their careers than most people manage in a lifetime.

There is the structural engineer who was a top-ranked tennis star in his home country as a teenager. There’s the environmental engineer who left everything to sway the legislative process on Capitol Hill. What about the young engineer leading site assessments in Dominica to assist people whose houses were destroyed by Hurricane Maria?

Three New Faces hail from California. Four were born outside the United States.  All ten are making a difference every day with their commitment to civil engineering and community.

Here are the 2020 New Faces of Civil Engineering – Professionals.

Click on the quote card to learn more about each New Face’s story.

Quote from Dana Al-Qadi

Quote from Daniel Campbell

Quote from Luis Duque

Quote from Tony Kulesa

Quote from Alexander Martinez

Quote from Anali Martinez Gonzalez

Quote from Brian Phan

Quote from Jazzy Quinabo

Quote from Joanna Smith

Quote from Thalia Valkanos

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