7 Civil Engineering Discussions That Defined 2019

One of the best aspects of ASCE Collaborate – and there are many – is the way it allows you to take the temperature of the civil engineering profession.

ASCE’s online member community features civil engineers talking civil engineering every day of the year on any number of topics.

So you can talk shop, get advice about a project or – when looking at the entire community from a year-in-review perspective – find a fascinating time capsule of what discussions and topics defined civil engineering in 2019.

Here are seven illustrative ASCE Collaborate threads from 2019. Click each to visit Collaborate and join in the discussions:

What exactly is engineering judgment?

Protecting the public as a civil engineer requires more than numbers and codes. How does engineering judgment factor into that formula?

Designing sustainable pavement

Heavy trucks mean rapidly deteriorating highway pavement. Good thing civil engineers are of innovative minds.

Changing the perception

Non-engineers seem to think engineers often struggle to communicate. So how can engineers change that perception?

Rebooting the ASCE Code of Ethics

For the first time in nearly 50 years, ASCE is pursuing a wholesale review of its Code of Ethics. But what exactly should a new code look like?

Using stormwater as a resource

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. So maybe one person’s stormwater is another’s sustainable energy source. Or something like that?

Artistry in civil engineering

Civil engineering is artistic. It’s creative. Right?

To grad school or not to grad school?

The question of whether to apply to grad school or look for a job was not new in 2019. The answers to that question were new, though.


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