4 Tips for Self-Care While You Self-Quarantine

In these unprecedented times brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, the streets may seem a bit quieter and businesses may be closed. However, things are far from calm.

Media outlets are constantly updating us on the latest developments. Government leaders and health officials are persistently meeting to determine what to do next. There are so many things happening simultaneously. And while we are all in this together, it is easy to feel alone.

Social distancing and self-quarantine are essential steps in flattening the curve. But those measures can have a major impact on our mental health. Both can make us feel ultimately less productive and lonely. So self-care must be top of mind during this crisis.

Here are four ways you can self-care while you self-quarantine:

Striking the Perfect Balance

It’s easy to separate your work life from your home life. But finding and maintaining a balance between the two? That’s where things start to get difficult. With the COVID-19 outbreak, you are probably working from home – meaning the line between work and home has been blurred. A healthy work-life balance is especially important to address any stress or anxiety that you may have. In an ASCE Member Voice, a working mother of four shares her experience and offers tips on balancing work and home life.

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Expand Your Horizons

While it may seem counterintuitive, taking breaks while working can increase your productivity and creativity. It allows your mind to refresh itself after the stress and exhaustion of being “on” for hours. Similarly, taking time away from your desk can shape you into a more well-rounded professional. In another ASCE Member Voice, one member discusses how taking up a hobby can strengthen your professional skills and renew your passion for the civil engineering profession.

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Don’t Sweat It

With everything going on because of the coronavirus crisis – working from home, finding new routines, and a panic buying craze – it’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed. But that doesn’t mean we can’t handle it. Think of this as an opportunity to take control of your stress. While it may impact us all differently, it is important to manage and reduce stress to live a happier and healthier life. Stress is not limited to work, school or family. It is all-encompassing and can be both positive and negative. The best thing to do is to identify the stressors in your life and address them.

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De-Stress Management

Stop Being Perfect, Start Being Human

Civil engineering is a profession built on perfection. While accuracy and precision are crucial, perfection cannot be an expectation. All humans are prone to making mistakes, even engineers. Just like obstacles and failures, mistakes should not be something you dwell on. Instead, you should take those situations and turn them into lessons.

Discover The Art of Making Mistakes.

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  1. In review the 4 tip, it is first time I am reading civil engineers Shall thinking of human.
    Welcome to MY world of CIVIL ENGINEER and or practice real Engineer job.
    Thank you.

  2. In review the 4 tips, it is first time I am reading civil engineers Shall thinking of human.
    Welcome to MY world of CIVIL ENGINEER and for practicing real Engineer job.
    Thank you.


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