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Exploring cybersecurity challenges in the water sector

A recent study in the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management seeks to understand different stakeholders’ perspectives on the issue of cybersecurity in the Israeli water sector.

Evaluating buried offshore pipes’ potential for buckling

A new paper in the Journal of Pipelines Systems Engineering and Practice looks at the pipe-soil interaction, specific to buckling.

Inequities for Black and Latinx engineers continue, report finds

A Georgetown University report finds serious underrepresentation and persistent wage gaps for Black and Latinx employees in the field of engineering.

New paper optimizes testing of groundwater for vulnerability

Using the DRASTIC method, an index-based methodology, researchers assessed groundwater contamination to develop a vulnerability map.

What skills will transportation engineers need in the future?

Researchers at Ohio State collected views from a balanced panel of experts from academia, the private sector, and the public sector, in order to address three questions specific to transportation engineers in next 5-10 years.

Evaluating dowel-type connections’ performance in cross-laminated timber

A paper in the "Journal of Structural Engineering" studies the performance of cross-laminated timber dowel-type connections.

Paper explores positives and negatives of construction industry’s sustainability practices

A new paper for the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management seeks to identify the positive and negative interactions for both practices -- circular economy and lean construction.

New paper assesses urban regeneration using a dynamic perspective

A new paper in the "Journal of Urban Planning and Development" proposes an evaluation model for urban growth stages, interpreting classical theory in order to apply it to Seoul, South Korea.

Emerging technologies for resilient infrastructure

Implementing emerging technologies will prove crucial to the resilience of the civil infrastructure of the future.

How effective is building waste as a sand substitute in backfill material?

A new paper in the "International Journal of Geomechanics" looks specifically at replacing sand with waste materials in a retaining wall.