Tag: Renewable Energy

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Shanghai office building designed as ‘sustainability machine’

The planned office building will combine solar power, natural ventilation, and other systems.

Zero-carbon Fusion Demonstration Plant moves forward

Construction will begin later this year on a facility that is intended to demonstrate a new, zero-carbon approach to generating energy from nuclear fusion.

Best places for civil engineers 2021

Why are three cities from Texas on the list this year? Which city knocked Washington, D.C., down a peg? Why are younger engineers interested in Philadelphia? Read on.

How to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 — but there is a cost

To expand the global use of clean energy technology, the International Energy Agency road map lays out milestones that would cost an estimated $5 trillion and create tens of millions of jobs.

Companies join forces to develop carbon-negative bioenergy facility

The facility will use biomass to generate electricity. The carbon dioxide produced during that generation will be sequestered underground.

Micro-hydropower project launched in Oregon

An innovative micro-hydropower system in use in Hillsboro, Oregon, will help generate clean, renewable electricity.

Regenerative design, the salvage economy, and one building’s quest to ‘live’ sustainably

The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta is not like other buildings.

Are civil engineers doing enough to account for climate change?

Are civil engineers doing enough to account for climate change? Emily Grubert, in a word, says, "No."

King County, Washington, promotes sewer heat recovery as renewable energy source

To promote sustainable energy sources, King County, Washington — home to the city of Seattle — is seeking to recover used waste heat in the county’s sewer system.

Smart windows utilize liquid solution to improve buildings’ energy efficiency

A water-based approach to designing windows promises impressive energy efficiencies in operations of buildings.