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Sacramento-area governments look to create regional trail network

To improve health and safety, provide economic benefits, and help increase transportation access, local governments in the Sacramento, California, region are planning to create a regional trail network.

Artificial lake fulfills many roles in a new Houston park

Hines Lake provides the local community with stormwater treatment, flood control protection, recreational facilities, and other benefits.

Clearwater, Florida, park will link downtown to waterfront

A 24-acre public park in Clearwater, Florida, will provide multiple recreational facilities while better connecting the city’s downtown to its urban waterfront along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

Philadelphia to turn crumbling piers into a waterfront park

The piers, located along the Delaware River in South Philadelphia, will be linked with a curving boardwalk and will include various habitats for plants and aquatic life.

Video: Art installation also provides pedestrian access to London’s Dinosaur Island

The 8 m long pivoting art installation can, when necessary, swing around to offer pedestrian access to the Crystal Palace Park island that hosts Victorian-era dinosaur sculptures.

Slideshow: Elevated ‘floating’ garden structure proposed for German city

The bowl-shaped, rooftop-height circular garden would be elevated above an intersection and contain walking paths, flowers, trees, and shrubs. It would also host a hotel.

Construction begins on NYC waterfront park, beach

A portion of a “forgotten” New York City street will become a new park on the edge of Manhattan, helping soften the city’s waterfront.

Singapore’s newest desalination facility treats seawater and freshwater

Singapore's new underground Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant can treat freshwater and seawater, facilitating the efforts of the water-limited nation to diversify its water supplies.

Slideshow: Winning cycle and pedestrian bridge design features restrained curves

The bridge in Heidelberg, Germany, will connect the city’s central train station with an express bike pathway on the opposite riverbank.

Then and Now: NYC rebuilds iconic Fountain of the Fairs as a fog garden

Flushing Meadows Corona Park in the city’s borough of Queens has rebuilt the historical 1964 set of fountains, which will open when the weather warms.