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Book examines efforts to tame America’s waterways

Journalist Tyler J. Kelley explores efforts to control America’s rivers in the face of changing climate patterns, aging infrastructure, lack of funds, and competing land-use demands.

Book re-creates 18th-century roots of US surveying

Authors Dan Patterson and Clinton Terry offer a visual history of 18th-century surveying techniques and tools.

Volume offers monumental look at late 19th-century skyscrapers

Author Donald Friedman’s new book explores the structure, history, and preservation of skyscrapers built in America in the late 19th century.

Can engineering save nature?

Author Elizabeth Kolbert looks at whether humans — after doing so much damage to nature through the development of the built environment — can now reengineer nature to save it.

Why are Alexa and Siri designed to be so nice?

Author Carla Diana explores the thinking behind why your smart devices — such as Alexa, Siri, and even exercise equipment — are intentionally designed to include social qualities.

Review: How to leave automated decision-making behind

Tired of outsourcing your decisions to technologies, experts, and rules? Author Vikram Mansharamani offers solutions in his book "Think for Yourself."

Review: On food infrastructure and urban growth

Ray Bert takes a look at Andrew Deener's book, The Problem with Feeding Cities (University of Chicago Press, 2020).

Review: How to persuade and inform

“You will learn how to speak and write well from this book,” promises author Patrick Henry Winston. Does he deliver?