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How can college campuses be designed to be more equitable?

A recent panel engaged the challenges and opportunities of designing for equity on college campuses.

Hotels and Hospitals: Designers Create More Health-Care Spaces

ENGINEERS, architects, and other designers are rapidly working with health-care experts on a range of efforts to help expand the nation’s supply of hospital beds. These endeavors are in addition to those being undertaken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which is converting several public spaces into care facilities in some of the United States’ hardest-hit cities. One of the chief emerging strategies involves...

Shipping Containers Serve as ICU Pods for COVID-19 Victims

A NONPROFIT COALITION of architects, engineers, doctors, and other experts has launched a method for turning freight shipping containers into intensive care units (ICUs) to treat patients with COVID-19. Called CURAs (connected units for respiratory ailments), the pods are as easy to set up as medical tents but provide the added protection of negative air pressure, according to a March press release issued by Carlo...

Army Corps Converts Civic Spaces to Hospitals for COVID-19

AFTER COVID-19 took hold in Wuhan, China, leading to a lockdown of the city of 11 million on January 23, Chinese officials made headlines by announcing that the country had built two hospitals with a total of roughly 2,300 beds in less than two weeks. The prospect of something similar playing out in the United States seemed far-fetched. But in March the epicenter of the...