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First Step: New engineer pivots from Disney to NASA

Maxx Taga, EIT, A.M.ASCE, took a circuitous route to civil engineering — one that wound from movies to roller coasters and rocket ships.

How effective is building waste as a sand substitute in backfill material?

A new paper in the "International Journal of Geomechanics" looks specifically at replacing sand with waste materials in a retaining wall.

NASA beach project requires the right stuff — even for Florida sand

The sand for the new dune system had to meet specific requirements for grain size, color, and other factors because of the site’s dual nature as a spaceport and wildlife sanctuary.

Sea wall hidden within sand dunes to protect NYC Rockaways

Shoreline protection for the New York City borough of Queen’s Rockaways will link green infrastructure, community resiliency, and equity.

Using remote sensing to detect changes in soil surface elevation

Agriculture tillage is the process of ripping the soil to prepare it for planting. This is the most common management method in U.S. agriculture. Remote sensing contributes to the monitoring of topographical and land morphological changes. A new paper in the Journal of Surveying Engineering, "Comparison of sUAS Photogrammetry and TLS for Detecting Changes in Soil Surface Elevations Following Deep Tillage," assesses the effectiveness...

Construction begins on phase 2 of longest tunnel in Missouri

Upon completion in early 2025, the 6.8 mi sewer tunnel will contribute to the St. Louis region’s ongoing efforts to improve water quality in streams and rivers.

The remote-sensing tech revolutionizing geotechnical engineering

Staying current with the latest developments in the field can be difficult. Picking the right option for your project from among those latest developments is even more challenging.

Founder of GZA and active Boston Section member Goldberg dies at 92

Donald T. Goldberg, co-founder of the geotechnical engineering firm GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. and an active member of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section, has died at 92.

Can engineering save nature?

Author Elizabeth Kolbert looks at whether humans — after doing so much damage to nature through the development of the built environment — can now reengineer nature to save it.

Researchers test sand-silt mixtures to predict liquefaction resistance

A paper in the March issue of "Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering" focuses on granular soils containing nonplastic fines (silt), investigating the combined effect of the void ratio, effective vertical stress, and fines content on the liquefaction resistance of sands.