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Engineers must create a culture of zero tolerance for corruption in their workplaces

A zero tolerance policy for bribery, corruption, and fraud is still the imperative in ASCE's new code of ethics.

Are incentives for time savings ethical?

Nothing in ASCE’s new code of ethics directly addresses incentives. Are they okay?

Engineering Ethics: Social equity

In the final part of this series, interviewees discuss how sound and ethical judgments can benefit communities and enhance the quality of life for all persons who are affected by civil engineers’ work.

Engineering Ethics: Competence

In the second part of this series, interviewees discuss civil engineering competence, how ethics and expertise intersect, and the importance of lifelong learning during an era of scientific and technological advancement.

Engineering Ethics: Public health, safety, and welfare

How can civil engineers balance their mission to improve infrastructure with their ethical obligations to society? In the first of this three-part series, interviewees discuss how engineers’ actions impact the public.

Equitable and inclusive behavior are mandates in ASCE’s new code of ethics

An ASCE member tells offensive jokes about women while at a conference. How does the member's behavior stack up against ASCE's new code of ethics?

ASCE’s new code of ethics guides civil engineers

ASCE's new code of ethics has an easy-to-interpret hierarchical system and an approach that addresses issues of the day.

Part 1 of 2: ASCE’s new code of ethics explained

In the first of two parts, general counsel Tara Hoke highlights similarities and differences between ASCE’s new code of ethics and its predecessor.

ASCE installs new Code of Ethics

ASCE has updated the primary document that guides and protects decisions made by civil engineers around the world.

Commonalities in association ethical codes highlight competency, loyalty

Other professional associations’ codes of ethics mirror ASCE’s in many ways.